Assess and Treat Your Child’s Oral Health

Every child is different, and the need for X-ray scans will depend on your child’s age and dental condition. Pediatric dentists take extra care to minimize radiation exposure as much as possible. To achieve this goal, X-rays are not routinely taken at every dental appointment. Scans will only be recommended if they are deemed necessary for your child’s health. Additionally, we use advanced technology and extra safeguards to ensure the minimum amount of exposure possible for your child.

X-Rays Can Detect Problems

Untreated dental problems can do serious harm to your child’s health, and our experienced pediatric dentist knows when it is necessary to take scans of your child’s mouth. Some conditions that warrant X-ray evaluations include the following conditions:

  • Shadows on the teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Visible cavities
  • Cysts and other bone problems
  • Heavy plaque
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Jaw development issues
  • Crowded teeth

Before any treatments or scans are performed, your dentist will always consult with you to ensure you are comfortable and gain your full consent before continuing.

Dental X-ray Evaluations in Amarillo, TX

To learn more about pediatric dental X-rays, contact our office for more information. One of our staff members will be happy to help answer your questions or schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentist. Additionally, all of our staff are trained on the safe use of X-ray equipment and will ensure you and your child feel comfortable during any scans.

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