Meet Allison

Video Review

Allison brings her son here and is so impressed at the high level of skills the team has.

Allison's Story

"Allison: What do you think about Dr. Lindsey? Son: She was really nice. Allison: She's really nice. What did you like the best? Son: The games on the TV. Allison: Where? The games on the TV? He walked in and was very happy to be here. He saw some computers over in the corner and went to playing some games, and they called his name, and he hugged Miss Autumn and went straight back. He had absolutely no problem. Being a nurse, you do think of things a little bit outside of the box: did they have a crash cart? Did they have people who knew advanced cardiac life support? Did they have physicians in the building? Over and above, come and see Dr. Lindsey. This place has everything you need in one building. It has a great staff, it has great physicians, and it has great emergency equipment. It has everything you need, and they can do everything right here. It's phenomenal; I'm so glad Amarillo has a place like this."

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