Meet Krista

Video Review

Krista’s children see Dr. Lindsey and they love coming to the office.

Krista's Story

"What brought me into AOMS Pediatric & Children's Dentistry was my general dentist had referred my kids to Dr. Lindsey. They wanted my kids to get into a specialist that could really do a better job with getting the kids to sit still for clean X-rays. In doing so, the X-rays actually showed more cavities than our general dentist had caught. It makes me feel comfortable in bringing them here because I know that my kids enjoy coming here. Yes! Can you believe it? They enjoy coming to the dentist. In fact, my daughter even told me not that long ago that she misses Dr. Lindsey. Krista: Tell me what you like about Dr. Lindsey. Son: She's a good dentist. Krista: What makes her good? Son: She doesn't hurt my teeth very badly. Krista: Oh, that's a good answer. What about you? What do you like about Dr. Lindsey? Daughter: That she gives me toys after I'm done."

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