Meet Tera

Video Review

Tera brings her daughter here because of how much the team cared for and comforted her child.

Tera's Story

"Tera: What's your favorite thing about Dr. Lindsey? Kennedi: She brushes my teeth. Tera: She brushes your teeth. She has made us feel so comfortable with kind of a bad situation with Kennedi's teeth. Kennedi had a lot of cavities; we were good with brushing but not really flossing that well between her teeth. She suggested hospital, and we could get all the work done; we wouldn't have multiple visits. She did a really great job. She was with us all the way through the process. It made me feel like I could depend on her and that she really cared about our family and about our child, and I think anybody who is looking to take their child somewhere wants to know that they care just as much as they do. I would recommend her to anyone. Tera: Is she nice to you? Kennedi: Mmhmm! Tera: Do you enjoy coming here? Kennedi: Yes. Tera: Good, good."

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