Meet Destiny

Video Review

Dr. Lindsey always calms her down and makes Destiny feel safe during visits.

Destiny's Story

"I come to see Dr. Lindsey to get my teeth checked and fixed up if they have cavities or something like that. A couple of times, I've kind of been scared because I had to get a cavity out, but once I get in there, I get less nervous because Dr. Lindsey's very nice and supporting. If one of my friends got a cavity filled or something like that, and they were scared, I'd just tell them that you get prizes, and you don't have to worry about it because it's not a big deal, and all they really do is clean your teeth. I get to go in the treasure trunk. I like the stickers and the stuff like that because I have a big sticker collection. I definitely tell my friends to go to Dr. Lindsey."

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